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Overwatch Halloween special

Overwatch halloween

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OK, me and a few others are collecting. I made it to a promotion so I can get loot boxes faster. 

These are the most sought after Skins. And there are emotes, victory poses but Skins are the top priority.


Album: Overwatch
14 images

Checkout the gallery so you can keep tabs on what's missing from your collection. 


Characters without screenshots means there isn't any Halloween skins for them and don't think there will be.


All Skins are legendary and cost 3 times regular legendary  skins. i.e. 3000 gold instead of 1000 gold.


I dont recommend buying loot boxes. They seldom give good drops and you need like 10 to get a decent skin as it is.


With Halloween running , I am sure GMs want more people to have them for halloween so you just have to keep playing and have patience.


Remember to join a group or post here if you need to group up with fellow watchers. Groups can't you 20% extra XP which means 5 boxes instead of 4 :)

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