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New game play options and CO-OP


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I recently had a chance to play Titanfall again and saw that several new game modes have been added and some improvements made.


One of the major improvements was the issue of the lobby system which left you high and dry and not being able to find any games to play on. The lobby now displays the number of players for each game type so you can know your chances if you're going public. 

Playing with friends is still a little buggy but I think it's more of the Origin platform issue that anything else. Who knows. 


There is yet another tank system. Have not delved deeper into it but in gist it ranks all players across the world based on gameplay over a certain number of days (rounds) You can opt in or out.


The PVP component has always been there in Titanfall, like always. And the little grunts weren't exactly very helpful anyway. Probably dumber than Dota mules. The new CO-OP allows MvP mode much like Gears of War where you battle rounds of enemies to defend your objective "Harvester" a stationary object from a barrage that increasing in difficult with each round.


There are other modes of gameplay that were added earlier but the number of players are not enough for you to join and try. Trying to bring Titanfall gamers here so we can play at the same time.



The maps remain the same ofcourse , I mean its hard work to make new maps. I still applaud Titanfall for trying to keep up the interest in the game and fixing things without asking for "Expansion pack ransom money". 


I will record a gameplay video today and show you the new lobby system