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Titanfall G Tag - Generations System

Guide prestige

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Collected this from Reddit.


If you don't know what generations are, they're the prestige system. Once you hit level 50 and complete the challenges for each level you get the option to regenerate (when you want to). This will reset all of your experience, level, and completed challenges (but not stats) to 0. You get a 10% xp boost for it and I believe the bonus stacks additively (so at generation 3 you get 20%, 4 you get 30%, etc.)


2ND Generation Requirements

  • None, Just Reach Level 50

3RD Generation Requirements

  • EVA-8 Shotgun: If It Moves…
  • EVA-8 Shotgun: Top Gun
  • 40mm Cannon: If It Moves…
  • 40mm Cannon: Titan Killer

4TH Generation Requirements

  • R-97 Compact SMG: If It Moves…
  • R-97 Compact SMG: Top Gun
  • Plasma Railgun: If It Moves…
  • Plasma Railgun: Titan Killer
  • Satchel Charge: Top Gun

5TH Generation Requirements

  • Longbow-DMR Sniper: If It Moves…
  • Longbow-DMR Sniper: Top Gun
  • Quad Rocket: If It Moves…
  • Quad Rocket: Titan Killer
  • Charge Rifle: Critically Conditioned
  • RE-45 Autopistol: If It Moves…

6TH Generation Requirements

  • R-101C Carbine: If It Moves…
  • R-101C Carbine: Top Gun
  • Arc Cannon: If It Moves…
  • Arc Cannon: Titan Killer
  • Sidewinder: Titan Killer
  • Gooser Challenge

7TH Generation Requirements

  • Spitfire LMG: If It Moves…
  • Spitfire LMG: Top Gun
  • Triple Threat: If It Moves…
  • Triple Threat: Titan Killer
  • Mag Launcher: Titan Killer
  • Brain Surgeon

8TH Generation Requirements

  • G2A4 Rifle: If It Moves…
  • G2A4 Rifle: Top Gun
  • X0-16 Chaingun: If It Moves…
  • X0-16 Chaingun: Titan Killer
  • Charge Rifle: Titan Killer
  • Fresh Squeezed Challenge

9TH Generation Requirements

  • C.A.R SMG: If It Moves…
  • C.A.R SMG: Top Gun
  • Executioner
  • Archer Heavy Rocket: Titan Killer
  • All I Do is Win
  • Look Out Below!
  • 40mm Cannon: Critically Conditioned

10TH Generation Requirements

  • Smart Pistol MK5: Top Gun
  • Hemlok BF-R: Top Gun
  • Kraber-AP Sniper: Top Gun
  • Disarmed
  • MVP
  • Deadly Apparition
  • Death Reincarnate
  • X0-16 Chaingun: Critically Conditioned
  • Plasma Railgun: Critically Conditioned


Please post corrections and additional information and I will update the first post/ Credits to original Redditer(s)